Ok so people already got some hype and expectation  for next month biggest gaming event, several thread already mentioned rumor and leak of posible title that will be announce, So I will do the opposite

I will try ask people to predict what is the worst posibble event, announcement, or shows that you dont want to see from your favorit company  We already know that E3 is an event full of prestige,  even some sales can be determine by E3. So what announcement or shows from your favorit company that you hoping  not to see in this E3 2015 . It can be gaming announcement, speach from the host, embarassing event, etc. So tell me guys/girls.

For me i dont want to see Shawn Layden focusing on sales announcement or Morpheous related games, no more speach more then 10 minutes.  and i hope they dont show more remake or another old port games.

disclaimer: I would apreciate it if you not mentioning the thing that you hope to see (because this thread only for the thing you dont want to see) Arigato Gojaimasu