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As I promised, I will now reveal what each songs were! 

1. Kiseki from Pokemon X and Y

starts at 0:03!

2. Megaman II: Flash Man

starts at 0:25!

3. A fan cover of Eight Meolides & Pollyanna from Mother 2! Watch the whole video if you're a Mothers fan! Great cover vocals and instrumentals!

starts at 4:07

4. A Cruel Angel Thesis from critically acclaimed Neon Genesis Evangelion (Xenoblade Chronicles: X can't come soon enough!)

starts at 1:59!

5. Soaring from critically acclaimed The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Protagonist used to be my profile picture!)

starts at 2:05!

6. Cloudy Court Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2! (Can you imagine this playing this at yourwedding? And this part in particular when you kiss your bride/groom? No? Okay...)

starts at 1:17

7. Brain Age 2 Menu! (I wonder what my Brain Age is  now?)

start at 0:00

8. Contest Round 2 from Pokemon ORAS! (What cosplay Pikachu did you pick?)

starts at 0:00!

9. You will Know our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles (Again, X can't come soon enough!)

starts at 1:02

10. Princess Mononoke from Princess Mononoke (Its the theme song of  a movie's title name! It's also the character in my profile picture!)

starts at 2:58!