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So I was browsing through my ringtones and noticed I could compile a few of them into a video where people can guess what songs are playing just from 15-30 secs samples. 

Link for mobile users

So here it is, my "Guess that Song" video, where you try to guess all ten of the songs playing! The video is only 4 - 5 mins and there are no vocals in any of these as well. (Sorry! Personal ringtone preference!) One of them is a fan cover, so giving a general guess about it is okay. But try to be specific as possible!

All 10 song fades out to help you distinguish when a new song is playing. Because of this you can simply do a list with your predictions like:

1. ???

2. ???

3. ??? 


10. ???

... where #1 is the song that appears first and 10 is the song that appears last. I will also ask of you to use spoiler tags like the example above so people won't steal your answer (its in the drop window labeled Styles on the first row of buttons above your post). If you can't do that, then you're out of luck.* Sorry! Winner gets to gloat about how great they are in knowing all the ringtones I've made

You can only enter your predictions once, but you will get points for how many you get right! I won't reveal everyone's score in case they peek at spoiler tags though Nevermind, I'll just respond with spoiler tags.

Also, feel free to make your own mini music compilation and have us guess it as well! Do so after each compilation is finished though!

*You can also PM me your predicitons if spoiler tags are too cryptic for you to use.

Game ends when OP(this post) is 1 day old

Here's when each song appears

Here are the songs names!:

Song 1

0:00 (duh ^o^ )

Song 2


Song 3


Song 4


Song 5


Song 6


Song 7


Song 8


Song 9


Song 10