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RolStoppable said:

It took me about 40 minutes to write the OP and despite using the "preview post" feature, not everything lined up correctly once I posted this thread. I had to edit the OP five times to fix it. I also had trouble to fit the thread title within the size limit, hence the slash between Wii and DS. The title as it is uses up all 75 characters.

Originally I had planned to fill the other lines with more fanboyism, but some parts fell out either because they were going too far or just because they didn't fit the sentence structure. Ignoring every other line then would reveil that it's a perfectly reasonable post.

I wouldn't worry too much about sentence structure.
Shut your filthy whore mouth!
With a thread title that long only a certain part of it will register.
You lying KimStoppable Australian of the south!
It seems you're never trusted to post the truth, that's to blame.
You eat green pea soup and then regurgitate it!
Maybe next time you should try doing a post in quatrain.
That's why I blame Wii Fit!

For instance:

Would you waggle in a bus?
Would you do yoga on a truss?
Do you have the Wii Play game?
Or do you think Wii Fit's to blame?

"I will not play it" said stof I am.
"I will not play Wii Sports with shams."