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RolStoppable said:
noname2200 said:
Well, if this is a joke thread, consider me snagged. I think Rol's pretty on point. Mind you, there'll still be plenty of good stuff coming out for all the systems, including the PC, and I don't think I'm alone when I say I intend to 'collect them all' as soon as I can afford to. But I can't really disagree with anything Rol just said.

I am totally puzzled myself. How was it detected so early on that it is a joke thread? Probably it was the high level of fanboyism in the OP, something I don't show in my other posts. Because it sounds so over the top, it must be a joke thread.

But since I tend to hide clues in my joke threads, can anyone tell me what they are in this one?

It is not a joke thread. For Rol, once in  a while the internal pressure of fanboy hate and Ninty Lapdog obedience become too great and he has to let it all out in one big pile of smelling fanboy feces. Thats why he makes these "joke" posts. And to not tarnish his reputation and get him uncovered for the fanboy he is, he the claims these to be funny joke posts. But yes, he and evil ninty have an agenda here... 

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