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Heya everyone, Cloudman man here happy to welcome you to...


             If you didn't know, some time ago some people have suggested that an art-related thread be made as a sort of space where artists/hobbyists can post their art. I too am someone who is very fond of drawing, so I figure this would be a good spot for me to periodically post some of my works. If there are any other users who are artists, or just enjoy it as a hobby, I hope you'll be interested in posting your own works with me. It can be drawings, paintings, photograhpy, whatever!  Maybe  this thread can act as a place where we can help and improve each other's works with opinions and critiques! Or you can post for the fun of it. Anyone who enjoys art is welcome here : )



UPDATE! : The Official Art Thread is now open for business!!!

New artwork added in the 'User Exhibitions' section. - 7/18/16

New artwork added to the 'Current Works' section. - 7/18/16




This thread is still new, so I may update this section, but for now:

  • Please don't post NSFW work. I know for artists, it comes with the territory, but let's keep it clean here.
  • Please don't bash others' works. Respect other users and their artwork.


...And that's about it, for now. x )




















Dance my pretties!

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