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1. a close friend or follower who accompanies another on adventures, etc.
There's been a huge amount of memorable protagonists in gaming, all with their own virtues and flaws, which makes them extremely likeable to the public and the gamers themselves. However, there's moments on which our dear protagonists have to rely on their sidekick, which more often than not get less credit than they deserve.
Without them, at times, our heroes might have been unable to achieve their goals. They would have probably failed, get killed or gone through a worse destiny. Sidekicks are people who chose to aid our fellow main character because of their bond, frienship, loyalty or other reasons. At times, no reason is even needed.

Here I'm asking you guys which ones are your favourite sidekicks throughout all the games you've played. Those are my picks, though I'll probably add more later (these are the ones I can think of right now)
Garrus Vakarian. (Mass effect)

A sexy alien capable of doing the best of calibrations, and also assisting the main character without thinking it twice.
His conversations are also hilarious, and he shows deep respect for whatever MC does.  What's not to love?
Luigi Mario (Almost every single Mario game in existence)
Forever the second character, but who cares about that when Luigi truly shows how to be a caring and likeable brother? He might not be the bravest warrior out there, but without him Mario would be nothing. Oh yeah, he would be a picture in King Boo's mansion, forever trapped. What a hero, huh.
Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. (Metal Gear Solid)

Whiny, annoying at times, and a recipe for disasters. Who would have thought someone like this would end up being close friend to the legendary soldier Solid Snake? But even better, who would have thought Snake would end up depending so much on him? Otacon might not know how to fight, but after Shadow Moses incident his knowledge and support has been an invaluable ally during Snake's adventures. He'll save your data, develop new ways to take out the enemies, deliver weaponry to you, ask you to swap Disc 1 for Disc 2, give insight about your surroundings, hints about how to defeat certain enemies and stick to you (Snake) to the very, very end.
Without Otacon, Snake would have never been able to tackle down the challenges ahead in MGS, MGS2 and MGS4.
Honorable mention: Samsagaz Gamyi aka Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings) 

While not a gaming character per se, he has been featured in several Lord of The Rings-related games.
The reason I'm puting him here is because he's probably a candidate for best sidekick ever, in any media or format.
Heck, he's the sole reason the good guys triumph over evil.