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RolStoppable said:
gergroy said:

Never claimed it would sell w101 numbers first week.  In fact, the post you just quoted I clearly said it would sell more first week.  I am talking lifetime sales when I say that, and I am saying it will be close to, not match.  


I layed it all out in another thread.  I expect w101 to have lifetime sales of 400-500k digital plus physical.  I expect splatoons lifetime sales to be 600-700k.  I expect it to do about 200k better than w101 lifetime.  So it will outsell w101, but not by a ton.  

So in short: Splatoon will have a better launch than The Wonderful 101, but the same or worse legs. And Shining Force is good.

I am so going to make a thread about this once we have confirmation that Splatoon exceeded your expectations.

You should find yourself a copy of shining force 3, pure bliss!  . Also, if I am wrong more power to you, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, but yes, I expect splatoon to have a better launch with similar legs to w101.