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gergroy said:
Never claimed it would sell w101 numbers first week.  In fact, the post you just quoted I clearly said it would sell more first week.  I am talking lifetime sales when I say that, and I am saying it will be close to, not match.  


I layed it all out in another thread.  I expect w101 to have lifetime sales of 400-500k digital plus physical.  I expect splatoons lifetime sales to be 600-700k.  I expect it to do about 200k better than w101 lifetime.  So it will outsell w101, but not by a ton.  

I knew you weren't saying it would sell exactly that much, but even it being close is still just insane to me.

We'll have to agree to disagree because with the way Nintendo is pushing this game, I can't see it selling any less than 1m LT. They haven't done this much for a new IP since the Wii/DS.

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