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I hate my PS3 >.> takes forever to quote and highlight.

@OP I know you said not to take it seriously - so instead I'm going to just say;
your saying what most consumers have been saying for a while.

>.> But it's not just the controls it's also the software, the Wii be it crap
or not has a lot of software, DS is the same thing.

I've got 37 wii titles, 34 of them are playable, 28 of them I can't get enough of and 22 of them I've
beaten. On the DS it's basically the same thing, I get 2 hours to play my DS 1 hour on my way to work
and 1 hour back, I have about 5 DS titles that I need to beat. >.>

But that's just my case.. my point is the wii has a lot of software that it's kind of like the PS2; theirs something
for everyone.

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

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