DerNebel said:
jlmurph2 said:

Plenty of companies have fucked up things that don't deserve the benefit of the doubt on the next project yet I'm sure it was still given. I'm not sitting here going on hope when I say Halo 5's multiplayer is awesome. That 3 week beta was the best thing they could have done to show us how far the game actually is with gameplay polish and connections.

What kind of a non-point is that? Other companies were given the benefit of the doubt when they shouldn't have been, so it's fine to give 343 the benefit of the doubt when they shouldn't get it? That 3 week beta didn't include the complete multiplayer and in the next months there's still plenty of stuff that could happen that could fuck the whole thing up.

Also I should note that I'm not saying that Halo 5 will definitely be broken at launch, it may very well work perfectly, but to sit here and act as if there's no reason to be sceptical at this point in time is just burying your head in the sand an ignoring everything that happened.

I'm not ignoring anything. I acknowledge that MCC's multiplayer failed and I'm highly disappointed that it took so long to be remotely playable. But I'm also not going to disregard the actual reasons MCC's multiplayer failed. It was a spread out project that was way too ambitious for the time period given.