maximrace said:
So can someone figure out with the PS3 numbers who is ahead, I think it's the 360?

sony ps3 shipments are below 87m units as of 31 march 2015
xb360 is either a decent marging ahed, or the xbox one is stelling way better, than most think

Troll_Whisperer said:


FY06 - 3.5 million 
FY07 - 9.1 million
FY08 - 10.1 million
FY09 - 13.0 million
FY10 - 14.3 million
FY11 - 13.9 million
FY12 - 16.5 million (includes PS2)
FY13 - 7.1 million
FY14 - 3.1 million

Total= 90.6m - PS2 FY12.


PS3 Should be over 88m easily, it's heavily undertracked here.

no you are completely wrong

ps shipped 80m as of early november 2013
in that quarter (october - december 2013 they shipped 3.3 ps3)

so ps3 shipments are at 87m maximum (this would mean the did not ship one single unit in october 2013)

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