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The Wii was an a atrocity to game developers and to the game industry in general, yes it sold like hell but to which audience ?, games weren't selling, only Marios and Pokemons were selling there, so selling millions Wii didn't mean nothing to the game industry, it actually was hurting cause PS3 released its superior Wii mote , the expensive Kinect on the xbone, probably Sony or MS never got back their investment on those things.

The winners last gens were the PS3/PSP and the 360 cause they maintain the game industry for all people.

This time the PS4 is once again building a console for every one unlike the Wii U or the xbone, MS is trying hard to maintain their boat afloat but they blew it in the specs and their general design, their only way to them to succeed is to release a lot I mean alot of games but that I mean exclusive games, but we all know the sad story about that.

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