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Mandalore76 said:
S.Peelman said:

I have said this like a hundred times already, Sony never shipped more than 102.49.

Though VGC is a bad reference for old consoles that aren't Nintendo (Nintendo blatently mentions the numbers on their site, so if even those were wrong...) in general. Better just to look at Wikipedia, which actually has sources. PS1's Wikipedia's source links to an old financial report buried somewhere on Sony's site, several quarters after the PS1 was discontinued, hard to argue Sony themselves. All SEGA consoles, the PS1 and the Atari consoles, also all wrong on VGC.

Yeah, I didn't know if this had been discussed at any length in the past or not.  Seeing as it has, I'm trying to figure out why the 104.25 total has stood for so long without any evidence whatsoever seeming to support it.  And yes, the source you reference is one of the links I included as part of my research.

Well I never made a thread about it, moreso mentioning it here and there where it was appropriate, and I don't remember anyone else having a discussion to this extend, so that's good .