BraLoD said:
pokoko said:
I don't understand this game, honestly. I died a lot before I moved on to something better (This War of Mine). However--and I know this doesn't answer your question--after playing it on PC and Vita, I thought the Vita version was superior by a lot.

So, go buy a Vita.

So your conclusion is to me to get a Vita? xD

Well, if it plays well on Vita it might play well on a DS3 too. Unless is the touch fuctions from Vita which make it good.

Mainly, if I remember right, the Vita version had been polished up from the PC version, so that might be true of the PS3 version, as well.  What I really liked, though, was that aiming was a lot better with an analog stick, so that should definitely carry over to the PS3, I would think.  You just hold your stick in one direction and spam attack or mine or whatever.  That made the tedious fights less tiresome.