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Ryng_Tolu said:

My prediction:

PS4: 175,000
3DS: 150,000
XBO: 120,000
WiiU: 55,000
PSV: 20,000

Sounds a bit too low for me on all systems exept maybe the Vita. Sales will go down a lot for sure since practically no game comes out besides MKX, but that just seems a bit too much. On Nintendos side, the Direct and Etrian Mystery Dungeon should push the 3DS a bit, but not too much; and Wii U seems to be at it's baseline anyway, so I don't expect that one to drop by too much, either.

So my prediction:

PS4: 208,000

XBO: 136,000

Wii U: 68,000

3DS: 199,000

PSV: 24,000