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NoA recieves more indies, the release dates are usually sooner, and the prices are better. NoE has better ads, better promotions, and better special editions. So, for me, NoA is better. Distribuition sucks, but prices are cheaper. Ads, suck, but i don't care about that, since i don't care much about the popularity of nintendo anymore.

While NoA strugle do anything decent beyond Canda and USA, NoE strugle with half of europe, africa and oceania. There is no Tvii in europe, and i'm pretty sure that club nintendo is very limited there too.

"Hardware design isn’t about making the most powerful thing you can.
Today most hardware design is left to other companies, but when you make hardware without taking into account the needs of the eventual software developers, you end up with bloated hardware full of pointless excess. From the outset one must consider design from both a hardware and software perspective."

Gunpei Yoko