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flagstaad said:
Goodnightmoon said:

Nintendo of Europe is better? And then... why Nintendo sales are worse here on Europe O_o

Nintendo is always more successfull on US.

I think is because of the long history of Playstation domination in the continent, but you have to admit that NoE is creating a lot of buzz in the last 2 generations,

They released Disaster: Day of Crisis (never came to America), also Project Zero 2 (same as before), they brought all the Operation Rainfall games by themselves (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower) and they even gave a special coin to those who bought all 3 games.

Recently they offered special editions of MK8 with the Blue Shell, special edition of Hyrule Warriors, and Special version of Bayonetta 2, all for pre-order. They released New Nintendo 3DS regular non XL version and we only got the XL one, and have better amiibo distirbuition to the point that we are getting many figurines from them because of the ridiculous store exclusive policies. They still get some delays but also from time to time they get some titles early (like Yoshi's Woolly World).

They have a harder battle to fight because of the Playstation brand domination over the region, but they are fighting with all the right moves to the point that is actually frustrating to see the games sell worse, here in America we are getting scraps, the management is too conservative, they are not trying to get third party developers to port the games, they don't offer special editions and the amiibo destribution just plain sucks.

If at this point my vote is not clear I think NoE is way better than NoA.

Ok, I guess the poll makes sense then.