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El Duderino said:

@ kber: if you think Sony can sell 70 Mil if everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes wrong what will they sell if everything goes right ??? 200 Mil, I know it can have a long livetime but 70 Mil is really high for a WORST case scenarion, 50 Mil, ok but even the N64 only soled 60something Mil. and it was far from beeing a worst case scenario, but thats ok, who knows maybe I just don´t give the Playstation brand the respect it deserves

Hmm, I believe this generation will be the longest so far (10 years or more) so my number is pretty high. 6-7 million a year... More than 120 million if everything goes right. I think PS3 will be cheaper than $300 for most of its life.