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Wii - Almost certainly going to be the only console this gen to go over a hundred million, but at the very least going doing better than the NES. I'll say 70 million as my lowest estimate.

Xbox 360 - For now it's selling slightly better than the original, launched much earlier, and has way more exclusives. There's a good chance it'll sell extremely well after more big games arrive, prices drop, and the hardware issues are fixed, but assuming it doesn't pick up I'm estimating a minimum of 30 million units. I mean there's really no chance of it doing worse than the original Xbox anymore.

PS3 - It would seem only a few here agree with me on this, but I believe there is a good chance the PS3 will have a very short lifespan. It achieved notable launch numbers due to the amount of people who were ready to buy the next Playstation regardless of cost or games, but sales have slowed to completely abysmal levels. It still has a lot of exclusives that are too far in development to cancel, and probably under contract not to go multi-plat, but if those don't seriously boost sales then it's extremely likely the next wave of notable exclusives will skip it entirely. If the suits in charge of Sony decide the PS3 is an unrecoverable mess, then they might well cancel it before it hits even ten million units. That's still very unlikely, so I'll say a minimum of 20 million. Even that sounds a bit high for the worst case scenario, as that's what Nintendo got with their notably better (selling) first party software and a console with 1/3 the price.