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PS3: 20 Mil (I expect more like 70 mil with a long product life, but for lowest resonable... Sony could be forced to axe it as Sega did with the dreamcast)
Xbox 360: 25 Mil (I expect closer to 35 mil, but...)
Wii: 90 Mil (I expect closer to 150 Mil)

The wii will get down to $99 near it's end. In terms of selection, it will also be the best choice if you only have one system, as the PS2 was for last gen. It will also be the best choice as a compliment another system. IE: Wii+PS3 or Wii+360. PS3+360 doesn't make much sense unless get wii+ps3+360...

Note: These numbers assume hardware revs, such as PS2 to PS2 slim are counted together.  I also expect the market size to grow significantly, to at least 300 Mil.