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Absolute Minimums

PS3 - 25m. The early years of a console lifetime, especially its second holiday season, are very important. The PS3 will have a good holiday season, but not compared to 360 and Wii. It will continue to struggle until the price reaches about 400 USD. GTA will not move the console significantly, because 600 and even 500 USD is too much for the mainstream and casual audience.

360 - 30m. It's not selling as fast as I'd thought it would have - at Christmas I would have said 40m. No evidence that it's expanding much outside the original Xbox audience. It should outsell the original by a moderate margin, but again, it's looking like a slow growth console.

Wii - 45m. Fast-seller with a head of steam - it won't slow down significantly until the summer of 2008, and maybe not even then. Graphics will look very outdated by then, but mainstream gamers don't value graphics highly, and they're an afterthought for casuals. Appeals best to all three segments of the audience (casuals, which it has a near deathgrip on; popular with mainstreamers; a second-choice at best for hardcore gamers).

That makes for 100m sold, which is a little low-ball. More likely:

PS3: 35m
360: 45m
Wii: 70m

 For 150 m sold. Still less than last gen, but this is a minimum prediction, after all.