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These are lowest predictions.

Wii-35 million

This is assuming the worst case scenario(well for nintendo anyways). Both systems drop their price to a more competive level. Halo 3 stealing press and sales in NA and the PS3 gets to $400 in the US before all of the 3rd party support starts to wind down to GC levels from lack of sales. Regardless of what happens the Wii will ride on hype and the Wii-genre games to at least 35 million

PS3 18 million

It is selling slower than the GC at this point in time at least the trend for the last few months in sales have. The PS3 is almost already experiencing the worst case scenario(I say almost due to the 360 in Japan and great launches). It had some fantastc launches and sales but had its legs chopped off early. If Sony can't get teh price to 400 dollars in 2 years I can easily see this being the first sub 20 million seller. However I find that it will most likely sell around 25 million at this point since it will have a few system sellers coming out. Not too mention I beleive the 360 has already saturated the 400+ system market that is not fanboy driven.

XBOX 360- 30 million

Sales started off slow than picked up now they look like they flattening again. I give this more than the PS3 since I believe that the 360 has already saturated the 400 dollar market for consoles and is in need of a price drop. At this point in time it is still selling better than the original XBOX and will receive a price cut at some point along with Halo 3. I personally feel that MS wants to see a profit and will most likely wait how many systems Halo 3 sells before they get one. Sales may take a hit but MS will see a profit and be in a better position for the next gen.