Smeags said:

Reggie said Mario Kart in general, not 8 specifically.

Super Mario Kart took the racing genre and created a new (and successful) subgenre. Now he wants to start a unique direction for the shooter genre.

I wonder if Splatoon can do the same. I mean, Mario Kart championed a new subgenre, while Smash created a new genre all together. Aside from something like Portal, which championed the first person puzzle shooter sub-genre, I can't remember a game that had the same impact for shooters. Splatoon looks fun, but is it genre defining like Kart, Smash, and Portal? That remains to be seen.

I just wish, and still hope, that Nintendo will capitalize on local multiplater with a 4 player local mode of some kind. 1v1 isn't nearly enough, and this screams party game.

Well, this is new.