The Fury said:

Sorry, that was directed at/in reference to the post I was quoting before not you. No one likes Balls.

True, being in a war we couldn't afford didn't help. I disagree with any essential national services and I think NHS is one of them. Yet, Tories are the ones who want to privatise everything which is why any privatisation by Labour is odd, end of the last Tory government we lost our rail system, now we've lost out mail system. ...

We lost it long before it was privatised.

However, privatisation in itself isn't evil. However there is a better solution than both nationalisation and privatisation for essential services, and that is the not for profit route that countries like Germany use.

It's how they're run that is the most important aspect, rather than who is actually running them though at the end of the day.

RIP Dad 25/11/51 - 13/12/13. You will be missed but never forgotten.