idiotfool1900 said:

Had to make an account just for you.

Yet another one in this country who knows nothing. I guess you are a Labour voter or Tory worse Green. Before you start sprouting rubbish about UKIP and saying the only thing people can do against them ''racist'' look at their manifesto.

UKIP are the only party that want what the everyday British person wants. Has your little brain forgot about the mess the last Labour Government left us in? Have you forgot about the amount of times we have been promised a vote on the EU and then been told in no uncertain terms we know better than you no vote? Has you pea of a brain forgot about the mass influx of immigrants coming to this country destroying prospects for people like my son when he is older?

Racist? UKIP are far from racist. Yes they want to control immigration how is that racist? As I said read their manifesto before you sprout rubbish. They want a system like Australia point based on skill. Nigel Farages own words are why should a low skilled worker from the EU take priority over a fully skilled doctor from India.

Get your facts straight before talking rubbish. If Labour get in come back to this thread in 4 years time and look back at the damage they have caused. Labour will sell their soul to get in to power including doing a deal with the SNP. You know SNP? Scottish National Party. Says it all really. Best outcome is a Tory UKIP coalition.

First, who is "you"? Because much of what you have posted here is insulting to whoever that is. Use reasoning in your arguements, not insults. You only demean your own points.

Many people do know their manifesto and I do not agree UKIP will solve our problems. As an everyday British person, UKIP represent me in political ways as much as the Eiffel Tower does. The labour government didn't leave us in a mess, the world economy did, you think all that money being spent by banks on loans people couldn't afford and were defaulting on counts for nothing?

The UKIP 'Racist' thing is because they are pointing out a segregated community and blaming them for issues. Doing this is what is making them racist, okay not racist, Xenophobic. 

To answer Farages words, that skilled Doctor will most likely get entry into the country easily to work. That EU citizen is needed to do the jobs lazy British slobs don't want to do (farm work) and you know that EU worker is happy to do that job too. 

Do not assume just because we are internet dwellers we do not know our facts, the overall intelligence of this website is far higher than the general joe bloggs on the street, we don't follow mass media perceptions or what a certain Party are telling us are the problems. You know SNP are not a right or far right party, they are centre-right, no different to the Tories, they just wanted an Independent Scotland, they are pro EU.

Also, Welcome to the site. :)

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