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To add on to Mega Man

Mega Man 3
Dr. Wily Stage 2 -

Mega Man 4
Ring Man -
Pharaoh Man -
Drill Man -
Dr. Cossack Stage 1 -
Dr. Wily Stage 2 -

Mega Man 5
Title -
Gravity Man -
Star Man -
Dr. Wily Stage -

Mega Man X
Storm Eagle -
Chill Penguin -
Spark Mandrill -
Sigma Fortress 1 -

Alright get ready for some Game Boy love.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Elec Man -
Fire Man -
Wily Stage -

Mega Man II
Something to clear up first. The OST to this game has a very high pitch so I am linking a version which has a lower pitch to save your ears. Some of the tunes in this game are pretty good and deserve some more praise, Rushjet1 did an excellent remake but anyways I am just linking the pitch-corrected version for the title.

Title -

Mega Man III
Punk -
Wily Marine Fortress -

Mega Man IV
Ballade -
Wily Space Station -
Final Boss -

Mega Man V
Venus -
Jupiter -
Pluto -
Saturn -
Wily Star -
Sunstar -