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Thanks for the great lists! Since it takes a long time to link each song, for some songs, I am just copy the Youtube links and will fix it later (esp. the Mega Man list)

Still have a lot of great music to add so stay tuned :)

Testing Post:

How to embed YouTube links? [A1]

1. Select Rich Text Response and click on the Film Strip on the Bottom Right:

A pop up will appear:

2. Under 'General', in the 'File/URL' box, paste in your YouTube link.

Be sure that you do not change the Type (Flash)
Also, be sure that the link does not have any extra codes (such as embeddedings) and that the link is not shortened: [Has additional coding] [Shortened] [Correct Link]

3. Click Insert and the video will appear as a yellow box with the flash logo on the center:


4. Finish your post and click submit and your video will now be embedded!



VGChartz Buddy (left) vs Forum Thread Page (right) Icon Differences [A2]

The Forum Thread Page uses four icon notifications, but they function similarly to the VGCBuddy

Black Pencil/Pen Icon:

This icon will appear for all threads that you have not responded to. Even if you read the thread posts,
if you do not post in it, it will remain like this. Threads that you do not post in will not appear on your
VGChartz Buddy nor under 'My Topics' Tab on the Forum Thread Page.

Green Pencil/Pen Icon:

After you respond to a thread, the icon will turn green. It will only be green if you are the last person
to post in that thread. Therefore, unless another member posted after you, it will remain like this.

Blue Keyboard Icon:

If somebody directly quoted you, it will turn blue. It will only remain like this if you have not viewed
the post; if you have, it will turn orange.

Orange Exclamation Mark Icon:

This Icon is the most different from the VGChartz Buddy. After somebody posted it will turn orange.
Even after you read all the posts, it will remain like this and will not become green, unlike in the Buddy.


Q: Who can see Locked Threads?
A: All users (including guests) can view locked threads, given that they have the link.
Threads will not be seen under any categories, unless you posted in it, which will then be under 'My Topics'
Please keep in mind that there is a "In Before the Lock" rule on VGChartz.

Q: Will locked threads ever show up in the thread search?

A: VGChartz thread search will not display any locked threads, but the Google Search can show locked threads.

Q: How come I can vote again for polls?
A: It's based on your IP so non-members can vote, and IPs change so you will be able to vote again if your IP is different

Q: I changed the category under 'My Topics' and can't set the default back to Last Post?
A: You will have to delete your web browser's cookies

Q: On Lastest Topics, I can't change the category?
A: It's set to Last Post so you can't change it

Q: Under Latest Topics, the Recent category has 0 views for all! Why?

A: It's a technical bug. However, since the threads are relatively new, the Total views will be the same as Recent.

Q: Under My Topics, the 'New' category shows 0 new posts even though someone posted!
A: Again, it's a weird technical bug, so you can use the VGCbuddy if you have problems with this bug.

Q: I don't see the 'New Topic' button to make a new thread?
A: Go to Forum Index or Hot Topics, and you will see it on the top right

Q: How do I change the category for my thread?
A: You can’t. You will need to request a moderator to change it for you.

Q: I heard that placing threads in 'General Discussion' is no good. Why?
A: Threads posted do not show up on the main page 'Forum Hot Topics'. Therefore, users tend to not see threads posted there.

Q: How do you single space on Rich Text Reply?
A: When you hold shift+enter, you will single space.

Q: I see users like Ka-pi96 giving a decimals for his posts per day (ppd)... why can't I see mine?!
A: Decimals are not given on profiles, but if you search for account with the search bar, the ppd can be seen as decimals

Q: Images/Smileys don't work on walls?
A: Images and Smileys will only be seen if it is the first post on walls. Comments to the posts will not show up as images/smileys.

Q: How come I can't see a certain user's wall?
A: They have set their profile to private so you will be unable to view it.

Q: Then how will you be able to befriend a user, if you can't even view their profile?!
A: On a thread, hover over the user's name under their avatar and a pop-up window will appear. At the bottom, there will be the option to 'Add as a Friend'.

Q: Why are some users banned till 9 July 2010? Shouldn't the ban be lifted by now?
A: Users banned with that date are permanently banned, meaning the ban will not be lifted.

Q: How do I check for my moderation notes/history?
A: Go to your profile, and on the right side, next to the 'Send Message’ button, you can see your Mod History. Keep in mind request bans will also be shown and your moderation history will not be deleted.

Q: How do I remove a poll in my thread?
A: You cannot. Once you have created a poll, you will not be able remove it, but you can still change it at any time.

Q: Why does it seem that my signature is cut short?
A: Since there is a rule (6. Signatures) for a 270p height limit on your signature, it will automatically cut off images/text if they exceed this limit

Q: Why does it show that I’m still online even though I have logged out?

A: It takes time before you appear offline in a thread. After around 30 minutes, you would appear offline by then

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