Kerotan said:
Vodacixi said:

That doesn't change the fact that is MANDATORY if you want to play online. That's an anti consumer policy. You're okay with that 'cause you get some free games (more like they rent you the games, but whatever)? Awesome, but that's just your own personal circumnstance. That's like me saying that I'm okay with Microsoft's policies about second hand games because I don't buy those. Good for me, but that doesn't make the policy nice.

Playstation fans were delighted the anti consumer policies were not coming their way... but the fact is that they indeed came in their way somehow.

Lmao. You go on like running such a massive online network doesn't cost a lot of money.  And for some games you don't need to pay. So your statement is false.

Oh yes, poor Sony... that huge company don't have money to sustain an online system, let's help them together. LOL.
And the fact that a few games out of hundreds don't follow the main statement does not make said statement false. Maybe we could say it has some exceptions, but false? You're really running out of arguments if you have to say that kind of things...

Anyway, I'm tired of this. Leaving now...