DanRybacki said:

The economy has improved on paper, but I've yet to encounter a single person who's better off. Most ordinary people have actually lost money under the Tories in one way or another. Also bear in mind what they've done to improve the figures on paper - bedroom tax, taking benefits from the disabled, etc. Don't just go on what you read on the Tory website.

How are the lib dems in "some kind of peaceful utopia?" Lib Dem councils and MPs do some great work. It's annoying how they sold themselves out to the tories but they saved us from a full tory government! 

Also you mention that you don't like how Labour no longer stands up for the workers, why are you voting tory? The only people I see them standing up for are the millionnaire bosses. 


But each to their own.

If you have to ask that, it would suggest you aren't particularly aware of how the real world works yourself.

I'm better off than I was in 2010.

Yes the bedroom tax was a mistake. It's a good idea in principal, but no good when you have a woeful supply of housing stock.

"taking benefits from the disabled?"  Not really sure what you mean by that. Sounds like you're the one buying into what you read on the Labour website.

Lib Dems had a 2010 manifesto of utopian nonsense because they never believed they'd ever have to try and go through with any of it. Then the stark reality sinks in (even more so than normal after how spectacularly messed up Labour left the books "I'm sorry, there's no more money"). This is why they are being punished for it now. Free tuition fees was never a viable policy. The other aspect is their plan to pull all the spending from our defence to pay for nice giveaways when we're actually in the most dangerous times since the cold war. So yes, peaceful utopia.

That's not to say some of their MPs and councillors don't do a stellar job for their constituents, but their national policies are a joke.

He's right about Labour, on paper they are exactly the sort of party I would naturally be inclined to vote for. But nobody who genuinely cares about their country could ever vote for such a shambles. I would never have considered myself a Tory, especially living in Yorkshire. However the sad sorry state of the matter is, they're the ONLY option for any sane person in this upcoming election.

How can anyone bring themselves to vote for the party that not only created the perfect storm that left our economy the worst affected in the crash (you can point to Thatcher starting the deregulation of the Financial sector, however I'm sorry, but in the 13 years of labour, it was even less regulated still). But has spoken out against every single measure taken to try and right our economy, but then not proposed a single alternative way forwards?

Even now, their biggest policy is a £3000 cut in tuition fees. That will save the richest in this country £9000 on their education. The rest? They'll never pay the loans anyway so it's just a give away for the millionaires cynically directed at bribing the younger vote because most don't actually understand how the loan system works and think they'll actually be better off from the decision.

Freezing energy prices, lolz. Great idea, now less reductions will be passed on because companies know how to mitigate against such decision. So yeah, you bill will be frozen, but it won't be as low as the market would have allowed had they not idiotically commited to this.

This is without going into the PFI schemes (Particularly Halifax General Hospital) which have crippled my local health authority whether spending was increased on the NHS or not. It is a stored up problem which they knew full well wouldn't come home to roost until someone else was in power and they could saddle the blame on them instead. Incidentally, this is how Labour manage to produce those lovely graphs showing how their spending was in control. It is instead straining finances of Hospitals and Schools etc now. Stuck in overpriced rental agreements for quarter of a century with ludicrous service contracts (£25 call out fee to change a light bulb in one of our hospitals, part of the contract of the PFI).

Gordon's Gold? Genius to announce you're going to flood the market with gold. It was almost like he was trying to lower the value before selling it.

A lot of the spending cutes were a necessity, we actually need a lot more than we currently have. A lot of people suggest borrowing more to invest, however they fail to understand that such choices will inevitibly lead to interest rate rises (which we only narrowly avoided before) and our debt is so high that even a slight shock in interest rates on our debt would completely sink us.

But obviously I'm just buying into Conservative propaganda from their websi... oh wait no, it's all from real life experience. Sadly too many people casting the votes have too short a memories. I'd even rather public sector spending crashed to 1930s levels again than Labour drag us back to 1970s standards with rolling blackouts, continous strikes and IMF bailouts because yet again, there's no more money.

RIP Dad 25/11/51 - 13/12/13. You will be missed but never forgotten.