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Ni No Kuni
Main Theme -

NiGHTS into Dreams
Dreams Dreams -
Memento of NiGHTS -

Ninja Gaiden
Unbreakable Determination [NG]
Alma Awakened [NG]
Fuga [NG2]
A Hero Unmasked [NG3]

No One Lives Forver
Main theme -

No More Heroes
Philistine [Desperate Struggle]
Philistine (Japanese Mix)
We Are Finally Cowboys

Rising Sun [Okami]
Reset [Okami]

Main Theme [Onimusha 3]

Parasite Eve
Primal Eyes
Theme of Aya

Aria of Soul [Persona Series]
Burn my Dread [P3]
Heartful Cry [P3]
Maya's Theme  [P3]
Mass Destruction [P3]
Wiping All Out [P3P]
I'll Face Myself [P4]
I'll Face Myself (after battle) [P4]
Never More [P4]
Reach Out to the Truth [P4]
Margaret's Theme [P4A]
Seeker of Truth [P4A]
Shadow World (Full version) [P4 Golden]
Maze of Life [PQ]
Light the Fire Up in the Night P3 Version [PQ]
Light the Fire Up in the Night P4 Version [PQ]

Pit Fighter
Main Theme -

Main theme [Pitfall 2]

Planet Puzzle League
Alpha Wave [Stage 1]
Physics Engine [Stage 2]
Bodkin Point [Stage 3]
Xenon Time [Stage 4]
Lobelia Cardinalis [Stage 5]
Genetic Drift [Stage 6]
Neon Isotope
Physics Engine
Cub3d [Stage 10]

Ending Theme [GSC]
Frontier Brain Battle [DPP]
Kanto Gym Leader [HGSS]
N's Farewell [BW]
N's Farewell Orchestrated [BW]
Vs. Ghetsis [BW]
Vs. Elite Four [BW]
Vs. N [BW]
Champion Iris Theme [B2W2]
Bike Theme [XY]
Credits [XY]
Emma's Theme [XY]
Emotion [XY]
Lysandre Battle [XY]
Pokéball Factory Theme [XY]
Professor Sycamore's Theme [XY]
Route 15 [XY]
Snowbelle City [XY]
Xerneas/Yveltal Battle [XY]
Vs. Champion Diantha [XY]
Zinnia Theme [ORAS]
I don't want to say goodbye [PMD2]
Primal Dialga Theme [PMD2]
Temporal Tower [PMD2]
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 1 -
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 2 -
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 3 -
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 4 -
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 5 -
Pokemon - Symphonic Evolutions Gen 6 -

Still Alive [Portal]
4 Part Plan [Portal 2]
Cara Mia [Portal 2]
Want You Gone [Portal 2]

Prince of Persia
Lost in the Crypts [Sands of Time]
Time Only Knows [Sands of Time]
Godsmack's I Stand Alone Instrumental (Dahaka Chase) [Warrior Within]
Battle the Dahaka [Warrior Within]
I Still Love You [Two Thrones]

Professor Layton
Theme of the Last Battle (Live Version) [Last Specter]
Iris [Diabolical Box]
Layton's Theme (Live and regular version, but live has that sweet achordian and violin)[Curious Village]

Radiant Historia
Affectionate Moment [OST]
An Earnest Desire of Grey [OST]
Blue Radiance [OST]
The Edge of Green [OST]
HISTORIA (Instrumental) [OST]
Interrupted Moment [OST]
Mechanical Kingdom [OST]
Memories of the World [OST]
Radiant Historia [OST]
Rebellion [OST]
The Red Locus [OST]
To the Future that Awaits Ahead [OST]
Where the Wind and Feathers Return [OST]
Unending Clear Blue Sky [OST]

Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
Main Theme -

The Revenge of the Shinobi
Chinatown [OST]
Ninja Step [OST]
The Shinobi [OST]
Terrible Beat [OST]

Little Love [Musical Adventure]

Resident Evil
Safe Haven [RE1]
Neptune Tank [RE1]
Escape Alarm [RE2]
A State of Emergency [Code Veronica]
Intro [RE3]
Ending Theme [RE3]
Outbreak Main Theme [Outbreak]
Queen Leach 2nd Phase [RE Zero]
Stop the Train [RE Zero]
Sad but True [RE5]
Majini IX in Flames [RE5]
Assault Fire [RE5]

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Another Winter -
Cheap Shop -
Gideon's Wrath Part I -
Gideon's Wrath Part II -
Rock Club -
Rox 300 -
Scott Pilgrim Anthem -
Skate or Die -


Senran Kagura Burst
To the Top!:
Destiny (Shinobi Law):
Dance Fever:

Shadow of the Colossus
A Despair-Filled Farewell [OST]
Demise of the Ritual [OST]
The End of the Battle [OST]
Memories [OST]
The Opened Way [OST]
Revived Power [OST]
The Sunlit Earth [OST]

Credits theme -
Earth and Sea -
Main Theme -
Shenhua -
Tomato Convenience Store Theme -

Shin Megami Tensei
Digital Devil Saga's Opening:
Nocturne's Battle Theme:
Raidou Kuzunoha's Main Theme:

Shovel Knight
Strike the Earth

Silent Hill 2
The Promise -

Lament [Siren]
Hoshingoeika New Translation [Blood Curse]
Kaiko [Blood Curse]

Distant Horizons:
Dragonborn (Main Theme) -
Far Horizons:
From Past to Present:

Sniper Elite
Main Theme - [V2] [Nazi Zombie Army]

Gusher Gauntlet -
Main Theme -
Final Boss (Squid Sisters version) -
Final Boss -
VS Mode 1 -
VS Mode 2 -
VS Mode 3 -
VS Mode 4 -
Single Player 1 -
Single Player 2 -
Single Player 4 -
Single Player 5 -
Credits -
Booyah Base -
Splatfest Hub (lyrics) -
Splatfest Hub (no lyrics) -
Last Minute -
Last Minute (Splatfest) -
Boss 1 -

Gin and Sin - [SSX]
It's Tricky - [SSX Tricky]
Slayboarder - [SSX Tricky]
Song for Dot - [SSX Tricky]
the Push - [SSX Tricky]

Star Fox
Corneria Theme

Street Fighter
God Hands - [Ex plus Alpha]
Guardian of Light - [Ex plus Alpha]
Vega Stage Theme - [II]

Streets of Rage
Attack the Barbarian [SoR1]
Big Boss/Mr. X [SoR1]
Fighting in the Street [SoR1]
Introduction/Title Theme [SoR1]
The Last Soul [SoR1]
Dreamer [SoR2]
Expander [SoR2]
Go Straight! [SoR2]
Max Man [SoR2]
Never Return Alive [SoR2]
Opening/Title Theme [SoR2]
The Revenge of Mr. X [SoR2]
Fuze  [SoR3]
The Poets I [SoR3]
The Poets II [SoR3]

Solaris Phase 2
Sky Chase Zone Theme - [2]
Wing Fortress Zone Theme - [2]
Escape From the City [2 Battle]
Pumpkin Hill [2 Battle]
Metal Harbor [2 Battle]
Green Forest [2 Battle]
Death Egg Zone [3]
Ending Credits [3]
Live and Learn [Adventures]
Planet Wisp Act 1 [Colors]
Crisis City Classic [Generations]
Crisis City Modern [Generations]
Death Egg Boss Theme [Generations]
What I'm Made Of [Heroes]
Flying Battery Zone Act 1 [Sonic and Knuckles]
Flying Battery Zone Act 2 [Sonic and Knuckles]

Soul Blade
Rock's Theme
Seung Mina's Theme
A Tale of Soul and Swords
Taki's Theme

Raise thy Sword  [SC2]
Under the Stars of Destiny [SC2]

Splash Down
Right Now -

An Old Irish Song - [Suikoden]
Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao - [Suikoden]
Passacraia (Neclord's Castle Theme) - [Suikoden]
The Chase  [Suikoden 2]
Fuuga "Praise the Master" - [Suikoden 2]
Gothic Neclord - [Suikoden 2]
Intro Theme - [Suikoden 2]
Overworld theme [Suikoden 2]

Super Smash Bros
Dreamland Theme [64] [Kirby Falcon Punch Remix]
Break The Targets Remix [Melee] [Remix]
Battlefield [Melee]
Fire Emblem Theme [Melee]
Fountain of Dreams [Melee]
Opening [Melee] [Remix]
Final Destination [Brawl]
Gourmet Race [Brawl]
Mega Man 2 Medley [SSB4]
The Grand Finale [SSB4]
The Great Sea/Menu Select [SSB4]
Xenoblade Chronicles Medley [SSB4]

Tales of Series
Karma [Abyss]
Meaning of Birth [Abyss]
Beat the Angel [Symphonia]
Fighting of the Spirit [Symphonia]
Water Symphonia [Symphonia] [Symphonia 2]
Wilderness of Sadness [Symphonia 2]

[Click Here]

Tenchu: Stealth Assassin
Addua -

To the Moon
Everything's Alright -
Main Theme -

Tomb Raider 2
Main theme -
Venice Violins -

Tomodachi Life
Totally Friend Zoned! -

U.N. Owen Was Her -
Touhou 6:
Scarlet Beyond a Crimson Dream (Main Theme)
A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry
Apparitions Stalk the Night
Beloved Tomboyish Girl
Shanghai Teamhouse ~ Chinese Tea
Voile, THe Magic Library
Locked Girl ~ THe Girl's Secret Room
The Young Descendant of Tepes
Septete for the Dead Princess
THe Centennial Festival for Magical Girls
Touhou 7:
Paradise ~ Deep Mountain
The Fantastic Legend of Tohno
Diao ye Zong (Withered Leaf)
Doll Judgement
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
Border of Life (Final Phase)
Sakura Sakura ~ Japanese* Dream
Touhou 8:
Imperishable Night ~ Eastern Night (Main Theme)
Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes
Song of the Night Sparrow
Retribution for the Eternal Night
Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle
Love-Coloured Master Spark
Cinderella Cage ~ Kogome Kogome
Voyage 1969
Gensokyou Millenium ~ History of the Moon
Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess
Voyage 1970 / (Orchestral)
Eastern Youkai Beauty
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [8]
Native Faith [10]
Touhou 11:
The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place

The City's Secret [Uncharted 2]
The Monastery [Uncharted 2]
Nate's Theme [Uncharted 2]

Valkyria Chronicles
Succeeded Wish

Vandal Hearts
Burning Sorrow -
Decisive Battle -
Peerless (Staff Roll) -
Torture Device Turns -
Valley of the Bandits -

Title Theme -

Wario Master of Disguise:
Head Honcho Carpaccio:
Count Cannolli Battle:
Allergia Gardens:
Wario Land Shake It!
Stonecarving City:
Savannah Valley:
Foulwaters Falls:
Wreck Train:
Neon City:

The Wonderful 101
Jergingha Planet Destruction Form:
Guyzoch Space Pirate Teio Form:
EV22 Intertwined:
ST06 The Lost City of Kowrule:
The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 101 (English Version):

World of Warcraft
Arthas, My Son -
The Dark Portal -
Season's of War -
Mountains of Thunder -

Xeno Series
Awakening [Gears]
The Wind Calls to Shevat [Gears]
Flight [Gears]
Tears of The Stars, Hearts of the People [Gears]
Hepatica [Saga Ep III]
Promised Pain [Saga Ep III]
Confrontation with the Enemy [Chronicles]
Frontier Village [Chronicles]
Engage the Enemy [Chronicles]
Gaur Plain [Chronicles]
Gaur Plains (Night) [Chronicles]
Main Theme [Chronicles]
Mechanical Rythym [Chronicles]
One Who Gets in Our Way [Chronicles]
Prologue B [Chronicles]
Satorl Marsh (Night) [Chronicles]
Unfinished Battle [Chronicles]
You Will Know Our Names [Chronicles]
Z---- [Chronicles]

Yoshi's Woolly World [SSB4]
Yoshi's Island

Story Music Box:
Yoshi's Island DS
Yoshi's Story
Baby Bowser's Lullaby:
Ending Story:

Yume Nikki

Save Screen Theme -

God Save the Queen - [ZombiU]


Reincarnation [Azure Striker Gunvolt]
Afternoon Snooze [Crayon Physics]
Pepper Steak [Off]

Innocence [Katawa Shoujo]
Painful History [Katawa Shoujo]

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