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Ruler said:
the data shows that PlayStation delivers despite what people are saying :)

it always does, it just takes it sweet time until the good games drop.

Playstation always starts with some new IPs and some of them (most of them actually) fail (specially early in the gen):

last gen: it was Haze, Heavenly Sword, M.A.G and  Lair

This gen its been Knack and The Order, (im not counting Driveclub because that game had a bad launch and poor content at first which affected its metascore, but since then its been fixed, the online works now and its has gotten a TON of updates like the weather patch, replay mode and a ton of content, including free cars and tracks, im sure if that game was released in the state it is now it wouldnt have gotten anything below an 85, im actually excited to play it myself), im also not counting Killzone because well it wasnt a new IP and the game wasnt really bad it just wasnt impressive either.

ive said it before Playstation consoles are like wine they only get better with time, and thankfully my PS3 has done a great job at entretaining me on 2014, and its still doing so on 2015 and will continue to do so on 2016 (since there is a LOT of games that i wanna play on it), and now this year is when the PS4 will start to get some good games and Bloodborne will start that in 2 weeks.