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sc94597 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

They won't with the fusion nonsense that some people are suggesting... If there is one thing we learnt this generation is that third parties won't care about a platform unless its close enough to the other two in terms of performance and architecture so if Nintendo's next console has the same performance as their next handheld or if its as powerful as the ps4/x1 but not anywhere close to the ps5/x2, third parties really won't care. And now they know more than ever that they don't need Nintendo to make money so they don't need to waste their time on Nintendo's Fusion unless Nintendo's Fusion either sells well or it has good enough performance/architecture that matches the ps5/x2. And Nintendo's Fusion won't sell well without third party support cause it will essentially end up like the wiiU

I think there will be a unified OS with different form-factors. Some games will be exclusive to certain form-factors, but others will be multiplat. Iwata has been hinting heavily at it. Third parties can just port games to the more powerful form-factor. 

Well thats exactly the question though cause how powerful will it be? The more powerful form factor which, lets just call it their console, has to be close enough to the ps5/x2 or else the third parties won't do it period.


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