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sc94597 said:
Captain_Yuri said:
Nicee list! Third Party and Indie games really help the PS/Xbox platform which is why Nintendo needs them too so hopefully, the next Nintendo console will be close to the ps5/x2's performance even if its a bit lower than both

Probably still won't get third party support unless they sell a lot (see: Gamecube.) 

They will get better than what they have now anyway. I feel like the GC had its own sorts of issues even though it was graphically more powerful like its mini discs. And I know that third parties could put their games into different discs but we all know they are all lazy as hell. Nintendo needs to make a standard console without nonsense like that, specially since now the architecture of the x1/ps4 are so similar and so will be the ps5/x2 most likely

They also need to go to the third party and ask them to port games to their console and maybe even pay the big ones like Rockstar to do so as well. (Obviously not the ones like Ubisoft, EA or Activision but like Rockstar and Kojima and etc)


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