Kerotan said:

If you seen the latest npd the xbox barely even outsells ps3 in the U S of A now. Japan it's getting outsold by the ps3 by about 7k a week. The EU ps3 way ahead and the rest of the world is favorable to the PS3. I'm sorry homie but ps3 has outlasted the 360 and is dominating it now in hardware and software sales WW. 


The 360 despite always being a lot cheaper and releasing a year earlier in the US and 18 months in the EU got beat.  

The point is though all its gains were just thrown away with the xbox one and now they've realized the future is in a PC market dominated by steam.  Sony have the popularity to release a PS5 but Microsoft are now wedged between 2 markets they're not successful in. 

That is not the definition of outlast, but let's stop derailing the thread. 360 during the holidays makes up the weekly difference and then some, so 360 still outsells ps3 annually.