AlfredoTurkey said:
true_fan said:

No tie, MSFT had more hardware sales, software sales, and XBL gold accounts. Also VGchartz has been wrong for some time, I know you remember the last MSFT announcement when we learned 360 is a few million undertracked and still selling.

On topic Valve is a direct competitor now and I think devs developing for XB1 and PC simultaneaously may be more beneficial than steam, especially if the rumor that Valve gets 30%  from each game is true.

If they think they're ACTUALLY going to take on and beat Steam... they are delusional. That service is here to stay.

If you think that simultaneaous XB1/PC development won't take a chunk from steam, you are mistaken my friend. We don't know how much, but Valve Business will definitely be affected.