S.T.A.G.E. said:
true_fan said:

They just beat sony last gen, but of course you just skip that.

Hopefully MSFT can find a good balance for both XB1 and PC.

Sony and MS more or less tied last gen. VG Chartz has the PS3 ahead of the Xbox 360 for a while now.

No tie, MSFT had more hardware sales, software sales, and XBL gold accounts. Also VGchartz has been wrong for some time, I know you remember the last MSFT announcement when we learned 360 is a few million undertracked and still selling.

On topic Valve is a direct competitor now and I think devs developing for XB1 and PC simultaneaously may be more beneficial than steam, especially if the rumor that Valve gets 30%  from each game is true.