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Intrinsic said:
HollyGamer said:
I lol at peoples who have a doubt with VR said they never try VR, so why the hell they doubt it if they haven't try yet?

On topic, the problem with Morpheus is not the game but how it marketed to normal people, seeing some people (core gamer) in this thread already doubt it, SONY need a lot of marketing effort to advertised this.

Sony really only needs to focus on the content. VR is a kinda tech that will sell itself. It's the kinda thing that if down right, you want into a best buy and see a PS4 kiosk with Morpheus attached. You try it on, okay 10 mins of something and walk away with a PS4. its the type of thing that you out on, watch a movie trailer based on a movie shot in 360 VR tech, look around during the trailer as if you were in the scene and that's it... every other type of movie just becomes obsolete.

Its that moment when playing an FPS that you realize you can shoot at one guy while running in one direction and looking at the other. when u notice that you can literally blind fire at a door while looking above you. 

Sony can't market more imagination. VR will have to be experienced. And what's funny about it, is that its one of those things that nearly every single naysayers of the tech, just haven't ever experienced it before. 

Yup bringing a good content like what they did with all of previous PS platform, they have their biggest loyal gamer back them up. they have their  first party studio, 50% market share on console, and all the experience from good and bad when releasing a product. what they need to repeat is focusing the content first for the loyal fan base and influential gamer like blogger, you tuber, Gafer and Reddit or other gaming site, and their loyal fan base then the casual will follow later on. off course lend some sample on PS kiosk or held some event in big city like NY, LA, or Las Vegas like with E3 etc is also one of many strategies.