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thedawghousev2 said:
Nuvendil said:
And the Wii U continues to climb. I wonder if we'll see it enter the top 50 in the coming days? It's close. And Mario Party 10 climbing higher as well, now in the top 70. Xenoblade holding on and trying to stay in the top 100. Will it make it all the way to launch? Going to be interesting.

i think if the wii u gets a $100 price cut it's sales will (obviously) skyrocket, and it will sell a lot more than a lot of us are expecting.


i literally just stated the obvious but i really want the wii u to sell better.

What did umbunduling kinect and $100 pricecut do to the X1 last year?  Petty much nothing. So you are not stating the obvious.

Like someone already said, a lot of people are on the edge that just wont buy it untill it reaches a certain price, Its percived as an overpriced unit, $100 might make a bigger impact on the wii u than it might on the ps4 or x1. As we know, people just prefer the ps4 and are fine paying $400 for it, at $300 it will sell better, but people already want it and would buy it eventually. The x1 at $250 is very cheap compared to the competition, but it will only skyrocket in sales if the competition does not do a pricecut too since the preference is still ps4, so at $250 the x1 will sell to thouse who where going to buy it anyways a lot faster.

While a boost might be had for all 3, the wii u would get the biggest.

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