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Critic's have already admitted that they are lowering  the scores far lower then what the games deserves for click baits, because people ain't interested in their websides. Click bait. Thanks for gamers who are publicly saying that the game is great or good, so that i got nothing to fear from spending 60$ to buy it. 

It's mostly XB gamers, Welfies, students, greedy, budget Gamers who mostly do the complaining, and i do understand them, except the XB gamers, since they wouldn't buy the game anyway. 

The rest is just super high expectations, even though RAD did explain perfectly how this game would be at launch. CInematic and storydriven and people still complained due for fail expectations due for mislead information that lead them to wrong expectations. 

People should learn to actually listen to what developer's say when they announce games. It's funny that 99% of all gamers expect that all games should be suited to them, even though we all got different taste. therefore= Different games, for different gamers and just because it wasn't right for some, doesn't mean they should hate on it because it wasn't dedicated to their taste.


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