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tak13 said:
tak13 said:

February's npd will have one week without new 3ds/xl existence,so I'm seeing 15-20k for that week,for the rest of the three weeks with the release of new 3ds/xl and the releases of Zelda:MM 3D and monster hunter 4(maybe there are more releases that Ι might be forgetting but these two are they main games),the fact that dsi sold 500k in the first week of release in the USA,the news that New 3ds xl is selling out,and not only the limited editions(I'm pointing this out as many you could say that limited editions are expected selling out because of the low supply),the basic New 3ds xls too!New 3ds/xl come after two years and a half from the 3ds xl version release,so a singificant time has passed since that,that's an advantage...
The exclusive games that it will get,for example xenoblade x on wii ,had a decent perfomance in the USA!

Lastly,of course the radical redesign,the many enhancements and additions it has(Better cpu,better screen,better speakers,better cameras,better internet browsing,html 5 so youtube compatability,etc) and the 3D effect that is now completely usable,it's simply the 3DS that we should have from the beginning!It's a worthy upgrade and 3DS has still a plenty room for further growth in the USA!

Also,there is considerable anticipation for this system,it was obvious since its announcement in Japan,since that its sales decline even more!
I m estimating,15k-20k for the 1st week without New3ds/xl,230k-250k for the 2nd week with its release,120-140k for the third week,and 90-100k for the 4th week!450k-510k...Anyway,that's just a quite a lot optimistic estimation!My expectance for new 3ds/xl  is 365k-400k...
so 15-20k,170k-190k,110k-120k,80-90k=365k-400k+!

By the way,I expect 420-480k 3DS globally in the week of release of New 3ds,150-160k EU,as I said 170k-190k USA(20-30 rest of Na),50-60k Japan,30-40k row!

LoL!I forgot the other systems!

PS4  280k-310k(it has hyped game releases,sony fans have persuaded me that they are big games,I'm very cautious,these games are completely new ips but I will trust sony fans!The yoy up that my prediction implies is something uncertain,in 2014 ps4 had the hype of the release and...So I wouldn't be surprised if it does 240k-250k)

XB1 210K-240K(it hasn't any huge game release but the low price helps it,however I could see it doing under 200k,not any big game release,no hype of the release and the low price effect isn't what it used to be...)

WII U 85K-90K(Sligtly yoy up,it has a momentum so if we won't see a bigger boost,i.e the recent trending yoy up at least a small one is a given!)

PSVITA 25K-30K(Ps vita tv has a 50% price cut for february)

P.s It's too early mr drake tolu for predictions...I had a great win on jan npd,as I was exact by using the last month's yoy changes that I didn't used in ps4 case,as I was sure it would be quite yoy down because in 2013 it had the merit of the hype...

These were my predictions but anyway...

You asked me to make my predictions clearer,also I will modify them...

3DS 382.5K(It stays as it was!Also a rationalization about it,is superfluous as it is self-evident...It has name,New 3ds/xl!)

PS4 267.5K(I lowered my 295k prediction,as my doubts that I had mentioned in my first comments a few days ago,prevailed,267.5k isn't low though...

XB1 212.5K(I lowered my first  prediction a little bit,as I said it hadn't any game release and I'm counterbalancing the possible 190k with my first prediction of 225k...)

WII U 90.5K(Slightly yoy up,kirby will prevent a considerable drop or give a little boost!Come on wii u has a decent momentum from MK8 and SSBU!Although,I strongly believe that it can surprise us with 100k-110k with the trending yoy/month over month up)

PSVITA 26.5K(Just a guess,I have it slightly yoy up as it happened in the last npds and vita tv had a price cut)