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The_Sony_Girl1 said:
JWeinCom said:

Buu destroys planets pretty regularly.  Kirby cracks a planet in one particular minigame.  Interestingly enough, Waddle Dee and Knuckle Joe can do the same thing in that game.  So, either we assume there are tons of people walking around popstar with the power to shatter the planet on a whim.  Or, more logically, we can conclude that this was a bit of visual flair for the mini game and was not meant to be taken seriously. 

As for flaws in the video...

1.  Shiver star is never stated to be a post apocolyptic earth.  It's a fan theory, but the evidence for that is limited.  So we don't know if Kirby can survive a blast that can destroy an Earth sized planet.  Everything in Kirby's world seems scaled to his 8 inch height, so it's likely that his world is similarly scaled to about 1/8 Earth sized. 

2.  Their conclusion that Kirby's warp star travels faster than light is based on some pretty wonky assumptions.  Moreover, Kirby has never shown the ability in the games to fight on a warpstar except a bit in air ride.

Now, IF we want to take one random mini-game from Superstar seriously, then we have to take any random thing from any game just as seriously.  In Kirby Air Ride, the Warp Star is clocked at a leisurely 30 MPH.  This means that Kirby's basic speed has to be less than that. 

3.  Eating a warp star doesn't give you Star Rod ability.  That was in the anime, but the games should take precedence when there is any conflict.  The Star Rod is a pretty important thing (giving dreams to the people of Pop Star) and it's not something Kirby could just take with him.

4.  The mechanics of Kirby's stomach are never explained in any canonical media.  He can only recall powers in Squeak Squad.  This was a gameplay mechanic, just like his pokey walking speed, so if we want to take one thing seriously, we have to do both.

5.  Kirby is shown to be damaged by attacks that can't destroy planets pretty regularly in cutscenes and gameplay.

Also, Kirby has never shown any sort of resistance to being transformed.  His enemies were able to transform him into Yarn, balls, split him in 4, or split him in 10 with no problem.  So, there is no reason to think he would be able to resist being turned to chocolate.  There's also no indication he's fast enough to dodge Buu's attacks, or durable enough to survive Buus hits for long.  The only method Kirby would have of hurting Buu would be using the Hypernova to reflect one of Buu's attacks, but Kirby can't just store Hypernova, so he'd have to be pretty lucky for them to be battling right by one.  Aside from that, he doesn't have the power to kill Buu.  Most likely, this battle ends with a candy coated Kirby.  

1: That's still a big planet to crack. And yes, most of the people of the planet can probably crack the planet. Have you never heard of toonforce?

2: Kirby travels across the galaxy in Super Star Ultra.

3: Buu wouldbe much weaker if they just use the manga.

4: He can store 5 items in his stomach in the game. In the animation of the fight, he used 3 copy abilities and the Hypernova. That's 4 items.

5: When he was turned to yarn he was supposed to be killed. And he can survive a planet explosion. I doubt that Buu's normal attacks are more powerful than a planet explosion. And he has the power to kill Buu by simply using the Hypernova, whicih he can store in his stomach.

I can direct you to far more competent Nintendo debaters in 

1.  Like I said, if you want to take that seriously, you also have to take things like the 30 mph speed of the Warp Star seriously.  Kirby never displays that kind of strength outside of that one minigame, so we should assume he's not actually that strong.  If everyone on popstar had planet crushing power, the games would be much different.  No cherry picking.

2.  In that game, Kirby also struggles to keep up with King Dedede on foot (which makes it hard to believe he could keep up with Buu), and the warp star takes quite a while to catch up to Metaknight's war ship which certainly does not go at the speed of light.  No cherry picking.

He does travel accross the Galaxy, but we have no idea what the size of his Galaxy is, or how long it takes him to travel between planets.  The planets he travels too are all pretty close to eachother.  Also, none of them have a sun, or any discernable orbit, so I don't know how seriously we want to take this representation.

In the anime, Gotenks can fly around the Earth 9 times in about 5 seconds.  So it takes him roughtly half a second to travel around the Earth, between 1/3 and 1/4 the speed of light.  Buu is faster than that.  Kirby is not dodging him on foot.  Buu also copied instant transmission from Goku. 

3.  Still far stronger.  At any rate, nothing in the anime (that I'm aware of) directly contradicts the manga regarding Buu.  And, they didn't even use Buu's strongest form anyway.  

4. Games  where Kirby can hold 5 powers-  Squeak Squad.  Games where Kirby can only use current ability-  Kirby's adventure, Kirby's Dreamland 2, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby's Canvas Curse, Kirby Superstar, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Kirby 64.  So, picking the one game where Kirby can hold five powers would be the definition of cherry picking.

And there is no indication whatsoever that he could store hypernove.  In Triple Deluxe, Hyper Nova does not follow the same normal copy rules.  It doesn't get hit away from Kirby, he can't take it between levels, etc.  

5.  Why was he supposed to die?  Where exactly are you pulling this stuff out of?  All of Dreamland was turned into Yarn, and nobody died.  Kirby has never shown the ability to hold Hypernova for more than a level.  And with Hyper Nova, it takes Kirby about 5 seconds to suck up a tree about 5 times his height (40 inches) that is not resisting.  He can't suck up bosses until they're rendered unconscious, so he can't suck up Buu.  

While we're at it, Kirby cannot survive an exploding planet.  What he survived was the vines exploding on popstar.  ( 9:00).  It sort of looks like an explosion, but it seemingly leaves no damage to popstar.  It actually leaves pop star better off than it was before the "explosion".  So it's like... the opposite of an explosion.

So, there is no evidence Kirby has the durability to survive Majin Buu's attacks, or the strength to hurt Majin Buu.  The only way we've seen Majin Buu hurt beyond his recovery abilities was by Goku's spirit bomb.  This is an attack that it made of a unique kind of energy, and is of a strength that Buu cannot create.  If Buu can't create it, Kirby can't use it against him.  Meanwhile, Kirby can be hurt by things like getting bonked with a hammer, walking into spikes, or bumping into a Waddle Dee.  Pretty open shut case.