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Michael-5 said:
mjk45 said:

I agre with smeags  this should be monthly , but it would depend on whether Michael has the time to do it , if not maybe some one else .

I would love if someone else took over, or if I alternated with someone, but no one wants to. The issue with making this monthly is that VGC only has 1 writer, which is TrnksSwrd, and they aren't looking to hire any others.

Actually, the site has plans to hire new writers.From Machina's thread:

New Staff

Once the site is unified and the above is all finished off I’ll be looking to recruit some new writers. The Writer tag on the forums will have an actual purpose again, and taking on new Writers will provide an opportunity for regular forum goers to earn a little bit of cash by writing about things that interest them.


The bad news is that it won't happen in the short term, as you would like.

Michael-5 said:
alternine said:
The Witcher 3 was delayed into May.

Thank you, any other release dates that I should be aware about? I really need to update it and I don't really spend much time online anymore.

I guess you already know it by now, but Xenoblade X will launch on April, 29th in Japan.

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