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mjk45 said:
Smeags said:


(I don't have any say within the writers team, but this event should totally be a monthly article.)

I agre with smeags  this should be monthly , but it would depend on whether Michael has the time to do it , if not maybe some one else .

It is already monthly, that's why it is has that "February" in the title. You can see the January results here:

What Smeags is saying (or at least that's why I think he tries to say) is that this should be included in the Articles section, as a part of the features of the site and not just a "simple" thread on the forums.


OT: First of all, thanks for your hard work, Michael, specially now that you don't have as much time as you used to.

It's weird to see Wii U falling so much and yet having the top 2 games, but Nintendo as a publishers has lost a lot of votes (136 to 119 votes, 435 to 375 points) and so it shows.

I wonder if Xeno will take the top spot this month, with the last Direct and being more close to release than Zelda.

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