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GribbleGrunger said:

The Order is sneaking up the charts. It's at #76 now. Anyone know when the bundle hits?

Here's an interesting post from a Bish approved insider:

I guess I'll be the first of us "BishChecked" to leave a comment, eh?

As soon as the price drop ended for the XB1, it was like someone pulled the emergency brake, people were coming in with the impression the price was still lower, and were leaving annoyed, rather than pay the difference, and the momentum tanked really, really fast. Once the price dropped again, well, it certainly picked up more speed again, but it isn't really selling on the same level as it was prior. That gap in time really didn't help them. I'm not saying that people went out and bought a PS4 instead, but some people just elected to simply not buy at all. We'll see if those customers return sooner or later.

PS4 seems to have smoothly transitioned, and the Last of Us bonus aspect to the bundle doesn't really seem to have made the system sell all that much 'faster'... it is nice though, that customers know they're getting something in the box even as part of the standard purchase, seems to sway some potential haggler types. PS4 won January handily for all the stores/districts I checked. Not really sure on exactly how big of a gap handily will turn out to be on the final numbers, but it was not a close game for us, at least.

And nearly everyone on Gaf is predicting a PS4 by around 20k - 80k roughly (from what I've read so far)

Seems like his retail chain is reflecting what happens on online side.

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