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TheObserver said:
bananaking21 said:

Sony has it.

yeah, first half on 2015 will be pretty big for sony. lots of mindshare can be earned in this period. they should do bundles for all the underlined games. i dont see them needing to drop the price until later in the year. also remember that the witcher 3 is coming out, and while that has MS marketing it will boost both consoles. 

Witcher 3 has twicw as many pre-orders for PS4 in US according to VGC. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells 3-4 times as much on PS4 worldwide.

Marketing deals aren't gonna help XB1. Unless they give those games away for free with their console like they did with AC: U.

marketing deals arent just about pushing sales for the console at the games launch. they are more about mind share and bran recognition among consumers. if you had the PS4 logo after EVERY game, then that would mean less peolpe would be aware of the XB1 and would think of it less when thinking about buying a game. but when you got half the games having xb1 and the other half PS4. it builds up awareness. so even if the witcher 3 doesnt sell as much on the XB1 than it does on the PS4, these types of deals still help the XB1.