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Hum there's a little wrench here.
I dunno what their source is but the GAF NPD thread seems to confirm something I've started suspecting for a few days. They have the 23rd of January marked as the date TLOU started being bundled with the PS4. That coincides with what we saw in some retailers like Best Buy (I think Gamestop too?). Target doesn't even offer TLOU yet.
If amazon was one of the few or even the only retailer selling PS4 with tlou before the 23rd than these charts might not be all that accurate. That'd make the 15th-23rd period: X1 with 2 games for 350, PS4 without any games for 400, except on Amazon. And between 3rd and 15th, similar but with X1 at 400, although 350 by third parties.

Only thing for sure is that with a more widely available TLOU offering PS4 definitely won the last week of January (and should be on track to continue winning all upcoming weeks). Might have won the first one too if the third parties still selling at 350 did not move a huge volume of them. The other two are a bit of a mystery if what I wrote above is true.