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AlfredoTurkey said:
DonFerrari said:

It is also a fact that you and VGC is wrong and Amazon is right.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger. VGC is the one saying the Xbone won the first two weeks of this month, not me. I'm just reporting what ioi posts. Personally, I'd wait until NPD to say something like that because sooner or later, Amazon is going to be wrong.

So we have 2 opposing sets of facts: VGC says Xb one sold more on 10 Jan week. Amazon and several other retailer best seller lists say PS4 sold more on 10 jan week. Which set of facts is more likely to be right? VGC educated guesses, or retailer actual tracking of their respective sales? Probability is retailer indications are correct and VGC is wrong. But you seem to want to insist that VGC is the one to rely on as the likely indicator of what NPD will show.

Would you be sticking so vehemently to VGC numbers if PS4 was ahead on VGC but Xb one was ahead on Amazon and most retailers? Because all of us who say Aamazon is more reliable as an indicator of the best selling console would remain consistent and say VGC is likely to be wrong. Though some of us are less likely to be vocal sbout it. 

The month is almost over. PS4 is at #9 and Xb one at #19. There's probably nothing that will cause those positions to shift at all. It is a close month compared to most months last year, but it's still strongly suggesting a NPD PS4 win for the month.

Is Amazon the only retailer that does monthly best seller charts?

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