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S.T.A.G.E. said:

I am pretty pumped that she's helping with Mirrors Edge to make the female protagonist as badass as possible. I am also a feminist (but foremost egilitarian) and even though I don't always agree with her words, she does bring up good points. When she won the Embassador Award at the Game Developers Choice award, Neil Druckman (who who introduced her) spoke about her influence on the character of Ellie in the Last of Us. In my honest opinion, Ellie is the most empowered female character ever created and has so much to learn in her story growth about survival. If she had an influence on that character, I really wouldnt mind her influencing the female protagonist in Mirrors Edge. I understand that she bites when she talks about subjects, but someone has to do it. If not her, then who?

Some gamers just like making us look like a bunch of immature chauvanists.