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Panther111 said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

 Shes definitely critical of the male approach, but i've seen her critique of even female writers. She seems to have an ego, but most people who speak out tend to anyway. She isn't going to affect the development of every game. Shes not a major threat and people should stop feeding her negatively if they dont want her to get more major media attention. The hatred is what is fueling her fame, and most people don't even understand that. 

Most people don't understand that attacking her is only backfiring by the media at large who know nothing about games and don't particularly understand the gravity of the Gamergate issue from an actual gamers perspective.

I believe it to be a dangerous thing when certain individuals go out of their way to ban freedom of expression and individuality. If she wants to put a ban on women in gaming wearing petite outfits, experimenting with fashion and style.

she would probably want the same in real life. Women should be able to dress how they like, without others banning their expression and individuali.

Pointing out things she dislikes doesn't mean she wants to "ban" anything.